We offer group reformer & chair classes, private pilates sessions, pre & post natal pilates. No two clients are the same we believe in matching movements to the clients goals and bodies. Teachers come to Transition Pilates with 500+ hours of training, then receive additional instruction specific to our approach.


​Rachel Lee Scherdin has always understood the importance of conscious living. As an avid fitness enthusiast, Rachel embraces all forms of exercise, she is a comprehensive certified pilates instructor, Pre & post natal diastasic and core consultant,certified personal trainer, USAT certified triathlon coach, versaclimber instructor, and a pre and post natal corrective exercise specialist . However, her beloved Pilates practice remains her foundation. It provides the core and strength training vital to her overall health and enhances her ability to not only excel in all other activities, but in life as an a young entrepreneur. Aligning her love affair with Pilates and her generous spirit, she has created Transition Pilates as a haven for anyone who is enthusiastic about becoming strong from the inside out. Toning, strengthening, and recovering are the fundamentals used to create this intense Pilates training. 

Anastasia Wagner

I worked at The House of Movement where I first was introduced to Pilates, fell in love with it, decided to become an Instructor. Certified through Balanced Body Certified for Chair, Reformer, and Cadillac.

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In 2002 Xiomara received her first certification through AFAA for group fitness & private strength training. She has been a practicing licensed professional since.Xiomara received her Gyrotonic training and foundation by local Master trainer Angela crowley, in 2010 her license was issued by founder of the Method Julio Horvath. In 2014, Xio also collected her level 1 Gyrotonic Archway license. As a massage therapist, continuing education is an immersive experience.Thai yoga massage is a style of passive stretching done with the client completely dressed and the practitioner doing all the manual work. It made perfect sense to integrate this into pilates or any other training as a healing supplement.

Transition your mind. transition your body. transition your life. transition pilates.


A Cuban native, Deneeb spent the past 6 years in Boston first as a personal trainer and more recently as a Pilates instructor. She enjoy's combining the precision of Pilates with her background in rock climbing. She is a rock solid instructor.

Meet our new addition to the family - Viktoriya! A true passionate believer in the incredible power of Pilates. She is convinced that it’s impacting people’s lives in a good healthy way, by making them stronger and fit day after day. Viktoriya is a certified pilates Instructor and practitioner. Her upbeat and supportive attitude makes you not only want to come to her classes for a challenging workout, but also to spend time around her warm, energetic personality.

Dinorah Linares is a lover of movement she engages in many physical activities such as weight training, marathon running, and dance classes. After intensive training for the New York marathon it caused her to tear both meniscuses. She used pilates as a tool for her recovery. She fell in love and continued to practice for many years before deciding to teach it.She received her certification at the “Core Advancement Physical Therapy Center “.Her focus is on strengthening the body to prevent injury and reach optimal health. Dinorah strives to teach her clients through Pilates to live long, healthy, happy lives, with strong flexible bodies, and sharp minds. Her positive energy & fun spirit brings joy to every class.

By: rachel lee